From Knowing About God to Knowing Him... a Made New Story:
“As a child, I had always known who God was and believed in Him. I grew up in the Church. But even though I “knew” who He was, I didn’t experience Him in a real way. It wasn’t until I was in 10th grade that I really felt His presence and love. I had been experiencing a lot of anger, resentment, and holding grudges. I didn’t want to forgive someone who had hurt me and someone who had hurt my family. The start of that healing process was when I went to a concert and heard a song called “forgiveness”. I could feel the amazing love and forgiveness of God. It flowed in me, breaking me down to tears. After that moment of realizing that on every basis God loves me and forgives me, I started changing. I could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. In the last two years, that mighty feeling has only grown and multiplied by 100. Of course there are still things that I struggle with, but I know that my God is with me, and will be there to help me conquer anything and everything. So today I have confidence in my God."