I was raised in an amazing home with parents who taught me about Jesus and how important He is to us. But at 15 I started to stray from the path, which lasted for many years. I only prayed when I needed something, like God was my own genie. 
As I got older, I started realizing how empty I was and that what I was doing was not going to make me happy. Making the same decisions over and over again would never fill the void in my heart. I was thirsty for something more, so I thought, “why not go back to church?”

So I did, and after my third church, I started wondering what the point was. I was relying on the pastors to give me some life changing advice, so I could say “Oh! That’s what I’ve been missing this whole time!” but it never happened. 

It wasn’t until last year that all the puzzle pieces started to connect. I had been saved at church camp when I was younger. I had seen amazing things happen because of faith. I had witnessed God’s great power all along. I just hadn’t opened my eyes to it. 

So what changed? 

I realized that the people God was bringing into my life were truly living for Him. They prayed about everything... every day. That’s when it clicked. The thing I had been missing the whole time wasn’t some special verse or song or sermon. It was simply letting God into my life. 

I have realized that having a relationship with God is what makes being here so amazing. Everything I have to be thankful for and every good thing that has happened in my life is because of Jesus. It has only gotten better as I have learned to listen to God and make the right choices. This life is a gift. It is a gift to be lived to the fullest, and God is the only one who can show us how to do that. 

God is changing me into the person I’ve always wanted to be. When I fail, sometimes I fear I won’t be good enough for Him or the plan He has for my life, but He is always telling me to get back up... to rise against this world and to just keep following His Word. And I know I’ll be alright.