I had a hole in my heart that couldn’t be filled. I never felt “good enough” for anyone, let alone God. All my life I had significant depression, anxiety, and very low self-esteem. I had a very misconstrued image of what love was. That really affected my marriage and relationships. Nothing ever seemed to work out, and people kept failing me. I suffered a lot of loss and hardships. I couldn’t figure out why. I was a good person, but I was never taught to live for God and not me. 

I had a very limited knowledge of Jesus. I had known what He looked like in pictures and I knew He had performed miracles. But I didn’t know of His love. With all my failures, sin, and mistakes, I didn’t even know I was worthy of His love. All along I was worthy. I was forgiven long ago. 

Until I came to Overflow, Jesus was just a story. He didn’t play a big role in my life. No one had ever taken the time to explain to me that God loves all of us so much that He came to earth to live, suffer, and sacrifice for you and me. The strength and purpose He gives me is truly amazing. 

My life is so much different now knowing I am loved by Jesus. Because I am forgiven, I can forgive. I no longer measure my life in achievements or possessions or by the money that I make. I strive to be humble. I strive to let the light of Jesus shine through me. I hope and pray every day that I can make a difference in someone’s life who feels like I once did. Having hope is a beautiful thing!